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Client Testimonials

"Jane helped me to identify my strengths and build on my weaknesses, all the while encouraging me to be true to myself, honour my passions and chase my dreams with vigour. Jane has been there to celebrate my choices along a unique path, guided by my visions and values. Always ready with a listening ear and an open heart, Jane has actively assisted me to achieve vibrant and meaningful relationships with myself
and others."

Sally - Photographer and Writer


"Choosing Spirit Life coaching was one of the best decisions I've ever made.  Jane's professional and informative approach to goal setting and decision making helped me achieve goals that I had previously struggled with. 

Teaching me ways to change my negative thought processes was the most beneficial and it is something I use on a constant basis. In the course of my sessions, I had some huge work and home stresses arise but Jane’s support was outstanding and she taught me techniques to deal with each issue rationally and calmly.  

Jane also brought me to the realisation that I do lead a lucky and happy life and I have learnt to appreciate that.
Thanks so much for everything.  I look forward to seeing you in the future when I need a booster session."

Kylie - Mining Supervisor




Realise your potential with Spirit Life Coaching

"I have been living out of a suitcase and moving from place to place with my career in the last five years. My life was getting a little empty and fruitless besides my career. I read an article in the local paper about balancing my life in all aspects and gave the number a call. I was pleasantly greeted by Jane, who was very flexible with where and when we met for a coffee and a chat. I continued to meet up with Jane once a week for a month, each meeting looked at my life in components and looked at my future goals. Jane inspired me to look at life and take control of it and helped me put it into perspective. I am now filling up all the empty spaces I felt I had and feel that I have a more balanced life, with a very exciting future."

Leah - Environmental Scientist

Divider "Jane’s maturity & the sharing of her life experiences helped me tremendously.

She has helped me to overcome the fear of conflict & its consequences - to
voice my thoughts & opinions regarding the inevitable choices and decisions
that need to be made.

Jane has a gentle way of getting you thinking the right way and finding the
positives in life.

Thank you Jane for enriching my life."

Del – Accountant


"After my first meeting with Jane..
I knew she could help me.
Jane’s holistic approach and focus on my health and well-being was evident from the outset. Jane taught me the tools to combat negativity, to be optimistic and maintain balance in all facets of my life – issues that I had been struggling with and were holding me back from realising my full potential.
Through Jane, I have learnt so much about myself and understand more about the past choices I have made. I have now gained the confidence to make new and better choices and appreciate my self worth. Jane had the ability to see the true me and led me to discover that person.
From time to time I fall back into my old destructive thought patterns, it is a testament to Jane that I am able to recognise my regression and know that I have the skills and confidence to get myself back on track.
Jane you are an inspiration! Thank you!"

Andrea - 37, Operations Manager

"I was motivated to make changes in my life, but didn’t fully understand what I was looking for. Jane was able to help me by guiding me through identifying my beliefs and values. With this knowledge decisions about my future direction became clear and we developed strategies for it to be realized. Jane took the time to understand me and explored all aspects of my life and drew on her own personal experiences to enhance my development.

I highly recommend the life coaching for anybody looking for change and personal development."

Matthew - Mechanical Engineer>