Release your true spirit
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We all have strengths, values, dreams and goals. Together, we can discover yours.

Do you want to:

•Learn to think more positively

• Create a vision of a wonderful life— and achieve it?

• Gain better control over your thoughts?

• Find out what is truly important to you?

• Achieve a better work/life balance?

• Feel more confident and motivated?

• Resolve a relationship difficulty at home or work?

• Recover from a relationship breakdown?

• Enjoy a greater level of health and wellbeing?

• Manage your time more effectively?

• Receive support to live with a diagnosis of a mental illness?

At Spirit Life Coaching we can give you the support to make your dreams a reality!



Realise your potential with Spirit Life Coaching

At Spirit Life Coaching we will work together to:

• Discover your core values

• Create a vision of the person you wish to be and the lifestyle you long to live

• Set goals and design an Action Plan to ensure you will achieve that vision

• Eliminate any barriers that may be obstructing your progress

Your coach will:

• Support you in meetings, by email and over the phone

• Not judge you, or try to force any unwanted changes

• Encourage you and celebrate your achievements


Spirit Life Coaching clients have received coaching which has helped them:

• Learn to control their thoughts, feelings and reactions

• Accept what is and be proactive to change what can be controlled

• Develop an inner confidence and a happier disposition

• Control an addiction

• Take a new direction after the break-up of a long term relationship

• Analyse and adjust nutritional intake and exercise regime

• Research new career and professional development opportunities.

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